About ⎋ Interlanguage links allow wikis to tell users where to find translations of articles. Without the ⎋ interlanguage extension, each translation is responsible for maintaining its own outgoing links. As the number of translations grows, the network of links becomes more complex, and the number of errors grows.

The Interlanguage Checker traverses the network of interlanguage links starting from a given article and shows you that network in a table. If there are missing or incorrect links, you can quickly spot them and fix them.

To use the tool, you should enter the link to the ⎋ API of the wiki you want to check. For Wikimedia wikis, this is https://<example.org>/w/api.php. For Fandom wikis, this is https://<wiki>.fandom.com/api.php.

If the application refuses to connect to the API and you are certain the URL is correct, make sure that you allow scripts to be executed from the API you have entered by checking the configuration of your tracking blockers. These external scripts are necessary to provide support to older wikis that rely on ⎋ JSONP requests to interact with the API.

If you need help, have a question, or found a bug, please ⎋ open an issue or ⎋ leave a talk message.